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X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

104 minutes | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | May 26, 2006
6.7Classification: 6.7 / 10 from 474,027 usersMeta score: 58
The human government developed a cure for change, and Jane Gray became a dark uncontrollable man named Phoenix, who allied with Magneto, and escalated all sorts of fights for the X-Men.

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⁉ Movie info:

  • Full name: X-Men 3: The Last Stand
  • language: Dual Audio (Hindi English)
  • Release year: 2006
  • Size: 300MB & 700MB & 2.1GB
  • Standard: 480p and 720p & 1080p crystals
  • Shape: MKV

? Story:

When a cure is developed that can turn any mutant into a normal human being, there is resentment in the mutant community. While some do like the idea of ​​a variable treatment, including disease, many mutants realize that there should be no cure.
Magneto, who still believes the war is coming, recruits Warton Warrington II and a large team of mutants to treat him. It may be easy for X-Men to stop, but the magneto has a huge advantage, which Valorine does not have. Jane Gray returned and joined Magnoto.
Phoenix wakes up inside her, capable of eliminating anything in her path, even if ‘anything’ is an X-Men.

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