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Aata Aarambam 2013 File Description

1. Movie Name: Aata Aarambam
2. Movie Cast: Ajit Kumar, Arya, Nyanthara
3. Movie size: 1.4 GB
4. Molvi Quality: 720p small size

5. Movie language: Telugu

6. Movie Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery
7. Movie rating:

Aata Aarambam Movie Free Download 720p

Atta Arambam Movie Free Download 720p The film begins with Ashok Kumar otherwise known as AK (Ajit Kumar) who planted bombs at three places and enlightened the police about them. The bombs were detonated before police could show up. AK, in love with his wife Maya (Nyanthra), compromises with his old schoolmate programmer Arjun (Arya), who is forced to hack one framework after another. On this occasion, AK injures Sriram Raghan (Advocal Naren) by trying to hang his child with the intention that he can dispel the reality regarding dark cash. AK killed Sriram on this occasion. Arjun, disturbed by what is happening around him, is alarmed by the crime of AK Inspector Prakash (teenager). As AK approaches to accomplish his goals, Arjun joins the police with him, and the two are caught. He was later released after Arjun’s real character was exposed. Afterwards, Maya, who had disappeared from the scene, traced Arjun and his better half Anita (tapsi pins) and revealed to him AK’s unique way of thinking. AK has been revealed to be a former member of the Anti-Terrorism Squad, designed to expose a conspiracy involving an irreparable coat given to security powers, including his close associates and Several passages came, including a fellow assistant commissioner. Sanjay (Rana Daggubati). Union Home Minister Mahadev Rane (Mahesh Manjrekar) and his partners Miland Verekar (Atul Kalkarni) and Ramya Radha Krishnan (Saman Ranganathan) are involved in the scam. Ramya kills Sanjay’s pregnant spouse and her family, while similarly damaged Maya and Mango (Five Star Krishna), who was parked on the railway tracks, endure the attack. Arjun, who listens to flashbacks, chooses to support them. Arrived in Dubai to meet AK and Arjun Mahadev’s daughter Deeksha (Akshara Gowda). In the appearance of Harp Engineer, Arjun entered a bank, opened a record with the intention of transferring the entire amount of AK Mahadev’s cash to his record. Maya removes Ramya from her body and hangs her. Deeksha later received some answers about their arrangements but was later harmed by AK at gunpoint. AK, Arjun, and Maya were later shown in Mumbai, but it is not yet realized that Mahadev W.K.

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